Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Old Friends and Getting Serious

I think this has to be one of the nicest jobs I've worked on in a long time. Becca is an old and dear friend of mine from way back when, we spent our teenage years tripping over our baggy jeans together and simultaneously screwing up most of our A-Levels because we were too busy snogging stinky metalheads. 

Luckily, she stopped snogging stinky metalheads and is about to marry a total dreamboat in a very quickly turned-around wedding this September. I CANNOT WAIT! (although part of me is thinking, when the hell did we get old enough to get married?!) 

I look forward to dancing with the Nanna's and drinking too much wine. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Katie Coward and her Blushing Brides

The brilliant make-up, hair and nail artist Katie Coward asked me a while back to produce a business card design to promote the bridal side of her business. As well as keeping the eyelashes and nails of East London in check, she also transforms beautiful brides and friends on their big day. She is a huge talent and probably the only person I'd let touch my face.

I also produced her business card for her other services late last year... here.

Cadence Clarke, Cadence Clarke Flying Through the Air... Cadence Clarke, Cadence Clarke in Her Underwear...

I met my friend Cadence when I was 13 and spent most of my time in a velour leotard in the outskirts of South Manchester obsessively bouncing up and down on a trampoline. She had an undercut and wore flared trousers and complimented me on my (in hindsight) disgusting fluffy hoody I'd bought from Afflecks Palace. We became friends very quickly and spent the following 4 year's of weekends journeying to unmemorable UK towns to inevitably crash out of every trampolining competition we ever went near.

Whilst most people's life gets indefinitely more boring post 21 years of age... Cadence traded trampoline for Aerial Cradle and is now an extremely talented and hard working circus artist spending her life doing mind boggling tricks dangling from the hands of others. See what I mean:

She's amazing. Drawing her a business card was a no-brainer, we'd planned it for a long time... Resisting drawing her in a camel toe however, took every inch of my being.

Check out her site HERE

H&M Kids for ANORAK Magazine - Monsters In My Closet

Extremely proud to produce another advertorial for H&M kids courtesy of my favourite magazine in the world ANORAK Magazine. Sarah and Joe have come back to find their Closet has been raided by some friendly creatures... can you spot them? As always, a total honour to work with Cathy and Co. their magazine really is something special and I'm always jumping with joy when one plops onto my doormat. 

If you have kids you must buy it. If you don't have kids you must buy it. The new issue 'Sports' is out NOW! with an absolutely fantastic cover by the wondrous Jack Teagle.... And can be purchased here: