Sunday, 16 December 2012

Letters to Santa

Some little postcard / letter box doodles for ANORAK's Letters to Santa workshop that happened at the new store in Richmond's opening day yesterday. Big thanks to the ever fabbo Cathy from ANORAK for a wonderful year of working together. One of the best eggs.

As a side note, santa is quite hard to draw, like hands and horses. 


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Spot Illustrations

A bunch of three colour spot illustrations relating to me and the jobs I do or have done. I have selectively left out a bunch of the shittier jobs I've done in my time, although may extend the series if only to draw the time I worked as a cleaner in a Jewish ladies home, who had me polishing religious trinkets with what turned out to be her dead husbands old Y-fronts.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Colouring Outside Your Guidelines

Some doodles without outlines.

A Winter White Christmas Special

Lucky old me got another wonderful opportunity to work with Cathy and her dreamy magazine ANORAK with this pull out colouring - in sheet for H&M's winter wardrobe. A slightly different spin on the advertorials I've done this year and working with such little colour scared the crap out of me at first. But i'm proud to announce that the Christmas issue is OUT NOW!!! So sharpen your crayolas and get to work....

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Point Break

I drew this picture for a present for a big Point Break fan a while back. It's so gross I can barely look at it... but it kind of makes me chuckle at the same time.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Summer Sillies

Since summer's well and truly over, I thought I'd post up a few photos from my travels this year. 

New York, New York : June. Spent two weeks out in my favourite city earlier this summer. It was wonderful, that city kills me. Lots of amazing food, good friends and a new snazzy Myles Karr doodle on my ribs.

Bontddu, Wales : July. I took my bike and rode to the camp site from the Station, I think I saw about 3 cars during the entire 45 minute journey... not a double decker bus in sight. 

Valencia, Spain : September. There's a lot to be said for spending your days holding hands, swimming in the sea and  riding your bike for hours in the beautiful sunshine.

Bath, Somerset : September. A surprise trip to Bath which involved running round a woods in army gear, fancy pants dinner at the Royal Crescent, a peaceful journey in a hot air balloon, a not so peaceful landing in a farmer's field somewhere and finally a party at the Roman Baths. It blew my mind


Monday, 8 October 2012

Patterns Old and New

Some patterns I have been playing around with or have made to sit in the back of larger illustrations.

I'd love to make wallpaper one of these days.

Friday, 28 September 2012


A sneaky peak of the SS '13 collection here in this dreamy new video by the talented Manley. I love Manley's designs for their delicate and playful nature.. all of the tiny quirks and details make them kind of mysterious.. Just like Manley herself.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Silent Sleep

Ahhh, I haven't made a gig poster in ages, so I had really good fun with this one. I made it whilst I was away in Valencia last week and decided to draw it all in black pen and photoshop to save me dragging all of my paint pots out with me.

I saw lots of jellyfish on a beach in Cullera last week, they're 50% cute and 50% creepy. I prodded one with my shoe.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

ANORAK's Back To School!

I had another lovely opportunity to draw the H&M advertorial for ANORAK magazine's Autumn edition. The theme for this issue is CIRCUS and has a bunch of absolutely wonderful illustrators and writers involved as always. The theme for this illustration was Back to School... it was fun to make a picture with lots of people in it!

I also managed to sneak in a little drawing of a bug that my best 5 year old pal Audrey made when she was two which I think is my favourite part. Is that plagiarism? I don't think she'll mind too much....

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Quick Doodles

Some extremely quick doodles I made today at work for our studio's summer party tomorrow... I'm not entirely sure what they are for to be honest...

Friday, 31 August 2012

Doodles from a Different Desk

I work in an Architecture Studio during my days. It's quite nice, sometimes I get to draw... sometimes I don't. There's always my lunch break either way...

We rang our Studio's bell and lots of other little ones to ring in the Olympics Martin Creed style... Egg butties and broken eardrums.

Being a soppy one....

and again....

A very happy envelope accident: My sister's card peeping through at her.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Biba and the Bionic Cat

I recently had the fun commission of drawing a lady and her amazing cat Alfie that is currently springing about Manchester on two bionic hip replacements. I made this as a "proper" painting rather than a photoshop painting as I think they always make nicer gifts for people. 

It's always a lovely thought that someone somewhere will have one of your paintings hanging from their wall. 


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

ANORAK - Summer Special

Once again I'm honoured and lucky to have a very happy H&M advertorial in this summer's ANORAK summer issue! It's always such a fun picture to do and I couldn't love the magazine any more if I tried.

Now, if I could just close my eyes and dream of eating ice creams as I squelch around in my shoes in the London rain.

The ANORAK summer issue is out NOW! buy buy buy!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Old Friends and Getting Serious

I think this has to be one of the nicest jobs I've worked on in a long time. Becca is an old and dear friend of mine from way back when, we spent our teenage years tripping over our baggy jeans together and simultaneously screwing up most of our A-Levels because we were too busy snogging stinky metalheads. 

Luckily, she stopped snogging stinky metalheads and is about to marry a total dreamboat in a very quickly turned-around wedding this September. I CANNOT WAIT! (although part of me is thinking, when the hell did we get old enough to get married?!) 

I look forward to dancing with the Nanna's and drinking too much wine. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Katie Coward and her Blushing Brides

The brilliant make-up, hair and nail artist Katie Coward asked me a while back to produce a business card design to promote the bridal side of her business. As well as keeping the eyelashes and nails of East London in check, she also transforms beautiful brides and friends on their big day. She is a huge talent and probably the only person I'd let touch my face.

I also produced her business card for her other services late last year... here.

Cadence Clarke, Cadence Clarke Flying Through the Air... Cadence Clarke, Cadence Clarke in Her Underwear...

I met my friend Cadence when I was 13 and spent most of my time in a velour leotard in the outskirts of South Manchester obsessively bouncing up and down on a trampoline. She had an undercut and wore flared trousers and complimented me on my (in hindsight) disgusting fluffy hoody I'd bought from Afflecks Palace. We became friends very quickly and spent the following 4 year's of weekends journeying to unmemorable UK towns to inevitably crash out of every trampolining competition we ever went near.

Whilst most people's life gets indefinitely more boring post 21 years of age... Cadence traded trampoline for Aerial Cradle and is now an extremely talented and hard working circus artist spending her life doing mind boggling tricks dangling from the hands of others. See what I mean:

She's amazing. Drawing her a business card was a no-brainer, we'd planned it for a long time... Resisting drawing her in a camel toe however, took every inch of my being.

Check out her site HERE

H&M Kids for ANORAK Magazine - Monsters In My Closet

Extremely proud to produce another advertorial for H&M kids courtesy of my favourite magazine in the world ANORAK Magazine. Sarah and Joe have come back to find their Closet has been raided by some friendly creatures... can you spot them? As always, a total honour to work with Cathy and Co. their magazine really is something special and I'm always jumping with joy when one plops onto my doormat. 

If you have kids you must buy it. If you don't have kids you must buy it. The new issue 'Sports' is out NOW! with an absolutely fantastic cover by the wondrous Jack Teagle.... And can be purchased here:

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Paper Cups and Hockney

A paper cup design to tied over the RPA coffee and tea enthusiasts whilst the studio's new cafe is being installed. 

Typically, I liked the washed out version...

I went and saw the Hockney exhibition last week. I laughed when I read that the show's opening hours had been extended until midnight, thinking who the hell would be all like "Yeahhh! Let's go see some Hockney!" at 11pm on a Friday night.... but then I witnessed the QUEUE!! Jesus fucking Christ! It was so god damned long people wouldn't have made it in until midnight the following week.. Luckily my friend got us fast track tickets, so I swanned straight in.... So long, suckers.

Ok, I love Hockney. Discovering Peter C. on the walls of the Manchester Art Gallery when I was 15 was a total revelation. I made my dad drive me over to The Salts Mill in Bradford, my mind had been blown. We sat in the car afterwards eating fish and chips in silence. His paintings and etchings from this era had a huge influence on the way I drew. They were stories; weird, quiet, romantic and sad moments and I felt like every time you looked at them, they became different paintings.

His show at the RA is a whole different story. There's no denying it was big and impressive and in many parts very beautiful... But I don't know whether it was the swarm of hot bodies that carried me from room to room or the fact that the 'room to room' bit seemed to go on for ever, I left feeling overwhelmed and relieved to be out.

I'm about to risk sounding like a total philistine here but I think I just got bored. I missed the narrative and subtlety and the repetitive and vast scale of things didn't draw me to look any closer. I was delighted by the time I found myself in the little room at the back filled with his sketchbooks. Perhaps it was just too busy to be enjoyable, perhaps I just can't cope with rooms full of work with no stories or perhaps things just don't blow your mind as much as a grown up. 

Monday, 19 March 2012


Really proud to have another illustration in the latest edition of the fabulous ANORAK magazine. This time it was an advertorial for H&M which involved working with photographs (something I rarely do) making it a nice challenge. Tried to go for some more 'happy' colours to match the ANORAK ethos and the H&M spring/summer collection. 

Follow the lines to match the children to their party outfits!