Friday, 14 January 2011

List Ticking, Box Packing, Head Wrecking

So now my new scanner's my January guilt list. I went pretty much bread and wine celibate... until yesterday, when I demonstrated my extreme lack of self control by pretty much ramming my greedy little head into the biggest ciabatta I could find, whilst drenching my self in red wine in sheer happiness. Carbgasm.

Moving house tomorrow. Screw you mezzanine of doom. Might spend the whole of Saturday night gleefully swinging on my much awaited door.


Friday, 7 January 2011

New Years Fail/Gold Diggin' 6 Year Old.

I did a nice illustrated list of new years resolutions the other day, but my scanner went AWOL when I plugged it in and almost took my computer down with it. So other than generally wasting my own time / fucking my computer in the ass, I am trying to ring in the new year with some positive changes. Currently searching for a new room. One of the kids said to me on the way to school yesterday...

"Will you own this room, or just borrow it again?"
"Just borrow it"
"Oh. Why don't you buy your own this time?"
"Because they're super expensive, pal. I don't think I'll ever own my own"
"Oh.... Well, why don't you just find someone who's really rich and just live in their house instead?"
"Great idea kid, I'm on to it."

She's mega.