Friday, 23 July 2010

Bold Pidge

A present for my lovely sister. The little one turns 21 tomorrow! It seems like only yesterday she would be dancing naked in front of a sofa stuffed with balloons with faces drawn on. Poor bean. Anyway, she's just moved into a new flat and she loves wood pigeons. (and pretending to know their weight) Happy Birthday Aine!

Here's a really old picture I drew about 2 years ago of my friend and very amazing photographer Annie and just got round to finishing it off on the train to manchester. Eating worms from the wholefoods salad counter.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Family Affair

Here's a private commisson I did recently, it's a semi family portrait to mark the arrival of their first child. Very fun to do, got a bit carried away with the picnic blanket. Rein it in! (Edit: no pun intended)

I realised recently when clearing my desk... how often I write 'hello' on all of my worksheets. I thinking it must be to check my pencil lead's doing just fine, but maybe I need to get myself a desk buddy and stop scrawling SOS's to Mr Nobody all day long. ......... HELLO? ....... hello?



Pre-photoshop doodles

Friday, 2 July 2010

Park n Rock

Park n Rock is back on the move... this time it's back to Paris for July 10th. Thanks again to Ken and Jérome!!

Working indoors during shiny happy days is always a bit annoying and I wish I could just drag my desk outside and plug my lightbox in to the sun. London, like anywhere, is amazing when the sun comes out. Went swimming in Hampstead ponds the other day, tadpoley hair and green slimey feet, but there's something more exciting about swimming in real water... Perhaps more so after a bottle of wine.

Lots of amazing little things on the go, will post some more pictures tomorrow