Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Lazy Sunday In East London

Chuckling at cakewrecks in bed covered in toast crumbs.

Updates, updates, updates...

Here's a the second pitch I did for a Wyborowa limited edition vodka bottle a whil
e ago to celebrate the collaboration of Vice and Wyborwa (the original Polish vodka)..(apparently). My idea was based around polish paper cutting, adam and eve and getting wasted and snogging anything that moves. The second image would be printed inside the bottle and seen properly through the circle of the tree, once all the vodka had been drunk. Vice decided not to use any of our final pitches and got someone in NYC to do it instead, which seems a bit of a waste of our time really. But never mind, fun all the same. I ought to screen print them really.

Here's a picture I did with really shit kiddy paint last week. Audrey is 2 and has the amazing ability to produce 2 meter long ribbons of snot in the space of a second. It's like nothing I ever seen on this earth. Here is a portrait I did of her whilst sat at a miniature table and chair set which I fear I will smash to smithereens every time I sit at it.

(ps: she requested the pink hair.. hers is actually white) I went to the Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green last week too. It's so much fun! Awesome Quentin Blake exhibition on at the moment and stacks and stacks of amazing tin toys and puppets. Really good bookshop too. I picked up Yoshitomo Nara's first kids book for Cordelia's 5th birthday. I'm not sure she loves it as much as I do.. but maybe she will when she's older because it's totally adorable and I need to get one for myself. Here was my favourite picture from the bunch...

Right, I'm off to do things.


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Time To Crawl Out Of My Cave....

I haven't blogged in ages.. in fact, I haven't really drawn for ages. I've been hiding out for a while, burying my head in the sand whilst trying to find my feet after moving to London (I finally did it.. I moved to the dreaded smoke.. booo hissss I wont forget you, Northern England!) Anyway, bumpy start but I'm settled here for now and it feels like home.

So a few things have happened since I last updated about 5 years ago. Postics (aka Ken of Studio Buro) kindly asked me to take part in a fab exhibition he curated for this years Park N Rock festival over in France. The idea was to customise three record sleeves which had sentimental value.. I did Weezer -blue album, Mineral - the power of failing and SDRE - how it feels to be something on. (emotastic!). It travelled from Toulouse to Paris and ended finally in Marseilles last week. A huge thank you to Ken for asking me to take part, the collection of artists involved were all amazing and it was a real honour. Take a look at for lots more pictures from all the artist who took part.

I've got some images in Martin Dawber's Big Book of Contemporary Illustration which was out this month. It's a couple of older images but the book looks fab.. I really need to get my hands on a copy. Also, I have some images in the book 'Hair'em Scare'em' published by Gesalten and set for release in October. It's a collection of images by artists who use the subject of within their work. If you haven't noticed, I love a good beard.. so I made it in. Thank you Matthias and Elisabeth.

I spent a day in YCN's studio's a couple of weeks ago doing some paintings for their Flowers project where they asked a few of their illustrators to hand draw some brown wrapping paper for bunches of flowers they planned to send out to some lucky clients... Here's a picture of me painting something really twee (suprise suprise) Thanks to Johanna for inviting me down! :)

Ok, this is getting a bit long, I'll wrap it up here and update again soon.

Bye bye to whoever still reads this!

Katey x