Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Deep Marsh

Thumbs up:

*The sun having his hat on
*Mangoes and everything bagels
*Something To Write Home About
*Twister lollies

Thumbs down:

*Empty piggy banks
*Bees and wasps
*An old friend catching you working as a flyer distributor (FML)

Here's a picture of people with no heads hanging out and having a blast, giving each other graphs and things.

It's actually about how ordinary people become experts through deliberative polling.

I caught Das Boton play last week with Billy Dolan from 5ive Style in ... they were amazing and they played Deep Marsh. I loved it!

Katey x

Monday, 13 April 2009


This is picture I made for my sister a few months back and revisited it the other day for something else. Me and my older sister have called each other 'Owl' since I was 7 and she was 8... due to a really cute face we would pull at one another in the last minute hope that the angry sister wouldn't punch the annoying sister in the head. I was usually the annoying sister. 15 years down the line, I'm still Owl, she's still Owl...she likes large wine glasses and has considerably larger breasts than I ever will.

I draw owls a lot.. I also draw a lot of woodpigeons which is my younger sisters bird. She sent me a text once really early in the morning which read something along the lines of "I have just seen a really fat woodpigeon and I really want to pick it up to see what it feels like". Being half asleep at the time I drifted off into a dream about me and my boyfriend being able to know the exact weight of woodpigeons when we picked them up. What a shit super power! Anyway, I have always loved that as they're her favourite bird. Sisters are totally amazing, I'm obsessed with mine.


Saturday, 11 April 2009

"Would you like a fl.... Uh, ok" ... "Would you like a fly..." "Would you like a fl.. no? OK..."


It's Saturday and drizzly and I don't want to go outside. I've been so busy this week I just want to sit and do nothing for an hour! I'm working as a cleaner at the moment which although ain't very glamorous, is actually quite fun - and a total work out.. who needs the gym when you've got ancient hoovers to lug about?!

Speaking of the gym.. me and my partner in upside down crime found a really good adult gymnastics class near by. She's still amazingly fit and was flipping all over the shop... I however haven't thrown any of those moves for quite some time and spent the following three days creeping about like my legs were filled with concrete. It was nice to be on a trampoline again, felt like home.

I made some new pictures..

'Stillness Is The Move'

'The Graveyard Shift'
Stillness Is The Move by Dirty Projectors is totally amazing, they're so good.
Right, I'm off to do some flyering. It's possibly the worst job I've had since waitressing in a tapas bar when I was 14 but I will balance this out by eating lots of chocolate eggs and catching up with Gossip Girl tonight...


Monday, 6 April 2009

A Little Piece Of Mind


Something exciting is happening over at londonnewcastle Project Space this week. Ages ago I embroidered a little square patch for a charity project Marque organised in aid of Shelter and The Bowery Mission. The aim of it all was to ask lots of artists to submit a little patch / 'little piece of mind' so that they could make a massive patchwork quilt and auction it off for charity! Well it happened and the results will be shown off all week over at Londonnewcastle project space. I'm off to have a look tomorrow night and I can't wait to see it. I'll try find my patch and take a photo as I completely forgot to take one before I sent it off. Check it out if you're in the hood.

Here's a picture I made a while ago about information sharing between America, Europe and Asia. No animals and lots of men - what's happening?!

It's bed time,
night x