Sunday, 14 October 2012

Summer Sillies

Since summer's well and truly over, I thought I'd post up a few photos from my travels this year. 

New York, New York : June. Spent two weeks out in my favourite city earlier this summer. It was wonderful, that city kills me. Lots of amazing food, good friends and a new snazzy Myles Karr doodle on my ribs.

Bontddu, Wales : July. I took my bike and rode to the camp site from the Station, I think I saw about 3 cars during the entire 45 minute journey... not a double decker bus in sight. 

Valencia, Spain : September. There's a lot to be said for spending your days holding hands, swimming in the sea and  riding your bike for hours in the beautiful sunshine.

Bath, Somerset : September. A surprise trip to Bath which involved running round a woods in army gear, fancy pants dinner at the Royal Crescent, a peaceful journey in a hot air balloon, a not so peaceful landing in a farmer's field somewhere and finally a party at the Roman Baths. It blew my mind


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