Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cadence Clarke, Cadence Clarke Flying Through the Air... Cadence Clarke, Cadence Clarke in Her Underwear...

I met my friend Cadence when I was 13 and spent most of my time in a velour leotard in the outskirts of South Manchester obsessively bouncing up and down on a trampoline. She had an undercut and wore flared trousers and complimented me on my (in hindsight) disgusting fluffy hoody I'd bought from Afflecks Palace. We became friends very quickly and spent the following 4 year's of weekends journeying to unmemorable UK towns to inevitably crash out of every trampolining competition we ever went near.

Whilst most people's life gets indefinitely more boring post 21 years of age... Cadence traded trampoline for Aerial Cradle and is now an extremely talented and hard working circus artist spending her life doing mind boggling tricks dangling from the hands of others. See what I mean:

She's amazing. Drawing her a business card was a no-brainer, we'd planned it for a long time... Resisting drawing her in a camel toe however, took every inch of my being.

Check out her site HERE

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St.Ainolopa said...

I love this artwork!! The limbs are beautifully drawn.