Monday, 27 February 2012

Koala's, Love and Pinatas.

A little round up of the past week or two: 

A slightly macabre Koala on a stick spotted at DISCOVER, Stratford

A lovely selection of Valentines gifts from the cream of the crop

A road marking truck splodging it's guts out on Balls Pond Road

A little detail from a double page spread I made recently for the forever wonderful ANORAK magazine. It went to print today and is out March 12th. Pinata's are bloody hard to get right though... this one looked like a deformed little dog with udders for quite a few attempts. Thank the lord for layout paper!

I went to catch the James Jarvis show at Beach Gallery at the weekend. It was absolutely brilliant, I'm so glad I went. 

Life is good, 2012 you are being kind. 

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