Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Borrowed Post

My dad's camping kettle..

  1. it was originally bright red
  2. my parents forgot they'd put it on
  3. my father replaced the melted plastic handle with this rather chic wood n' bolt addition
  4. they retail at around £6.00
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My sister's post about my dad's re-designed camping kettle made me laugh; it's absolutely my dad in a nutshell. There are lots of weird inventions and items like this around my parents house... a sleigh-bell and string 'door knocker'  that runs from the living room to the attic bedroom and a little wooden staircase leading up to the cat flap from when our old cat grew too granny-esque to hop through it. Actually, we grew up with this kitchen knife lovingly called 'the black knife' which had a stump of a handle with bolts poking out. I had no idea that knives didn't normally look like this until I was about 10 and saw one at my friend's house. 

I went on a welding course last week with work, it was largely a group of bewildered adults clanging around a workshop looking like Robocop. It made me think: where have all the people that can fix shit gone? The old codger running the Welding workshop had trained for seven years in the army to learn how to weld the way he could. I tip my hat, it's impressive and he's a dying breed.

I need to learn to fix more shit.

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