Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Dad Can Do a Front Flip

My sister recently found this old picture of our dad. Best guy.

I remember one holiday turning around to see my dad hurtling across the garden of Beaumaris Castle and doing a front flip. It totally blew my mind. I think it totally blew his vertebrae too but It was probably the best gymnastics lessons I ever received, seeing that old codger* doing a front flip before I could.

I could front flip by the end of the week.

*sorry dad, you were actually only 43 but in a child's eye that's almost dead.


Martha said...

great picture!:-)

cachoo said...

That may well be my favourite footnote ever. x

katey jean said...

Thanks Martha!

Haha, thanks Rebecca. I wrote it and then worried my dad might think I have his days numbered..