Sunday, 3 April 2011

Look What We Can Do Mimmeaarr,

This is what me and my mum looked like 20 years ago. In fact, I think this is pretty much what every 80's mum and daughter looked like. Massive brown glasses and leggings sets.

I remember years of following her endlessly round the house saying things like: 'Mimmmeey, look what I can do mimmmeeeey.'... 'Mimmeeeaaaay, I love you Mimmeeaaay.' Bloody hell, how annoying. I have a really strong memory of being about 8 and my mum flipping out one day and coming out to the back yard where me and my sister were sunbathing and drenching us with a bucket of cold water for absolutely no reason at all. She laughed her head off in the kitchen for about half an hour after.. I'm recently beginning to see why this happened.

Anyway, hats off to my mum. She's known the answer to every broken heart, failed exam, teary phone call and spot on my bum for the past 24 years. Thank god for Sue Harvey.


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