Friday, 4 March 2011

Fear and Beauty

Harm and Boon by Balmorhea is one of those songs that's haunted me for long enough to make me think about learning animation. It's just such a beautiful piece of music, everytime it comes on I can't stop thinking about dreamy drawings and stories. If any nifty animators out there happen to share my love for harm and boon and want to make all my dreams come true, or if any money-bag-babes out there want to pay for my second degree... that'd be mega. Line up guys.


iffy said...

Yes! Very much enjoyed that Anorak magazine made an appearance. It is the best.X

Dylana Suarez said...

I love these drawings!


katey jean said...


I know, it's such an awesome magazine, these pictures are for a little colouring-in book they're going to put out. Pictures of Anorak inside Anorak.

Thank you both for following my blog! xx