Thursday, 14 October 2010

Kiss Of Life For A Cardboard Robot.

I haven't dreamt in ages. But this morning this happened: a baby boy I was looking after crawled into my bag, drank some of my pepsi cola and died. He turned into a flat cardboard robot with pressed flowers for vital organs. I remember being so beside myself with panic, trying to give him the kiss of life and trying to re inflate the tiny leaf lungs and move the daisy heart. I woke up in tears. Holy crap.

I'm working on a couple of longer projects at the moment, one being about a Star for a charity and the other being about a slug and a snail, for my dad. Getting ready to hibernate as the weather heads for hairdryer-in-bed ville.

I got so obsessed with the Chilean miners being rescued, I stayed up until approximately 3 minutes before the first miner came out and woke up in a fluster to my computer screaming applause, I almost died. I'm more obsessed with the fact their skin was so soft they were finding it hard to shave.



cachoo said...

I did not know about the soft skin but I guess I'm glad that my legs have never been caught down a mine.

Part of my dream on Friday involved me breeding loads of flying monstrosities and only when the first one hatched did I realise what an awful thing I'd done. Starting sabotaging the rest of the science project with a big ol' knife, looking half way down to realise it wasn't one I had in my kitchen in real life. "Aaaah, this is a dream" I thought and the stabbing suddenly became a bit camper after that.

We're weird.


katey jean said...

Very weird!! I've missed dreaming this year. I must have more broken sleep...