Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Family Affair

Here's a private commisson I did recently, it's a semi family portrait to mark the arrival of their first child. Very fun to do, got a bit carried away with the picnic blanket. Rein it in! (Edit: no pun intended)

I realised recently when clearing my desk... how often I write 'hello' on all of my worksheets. I thinking it must be to check my pencil lead's doing just fine, but maybe I need to get myself a desk buddy and stop scrawling SOS's to Mr Nobody all day long. ......... HELLO? ....... hello?



Lucy Harvey said...


Anke said...


katey jean said...

Hello!!! (..echo, echo, echo)

MELANIE said...

Hi Katy,

I love your work and would really like to buy some. Do you distribute through anywhere in Australia.


Emma Kate said...

I'm proud owner of my 2nd Katey Jean Harvey piece. Thank you soooooo much for this piece. Totally in love with it xXx