Friday, 23 July 2010

Bold Pidge

A present for my lovely sister. The little one turns 21 tomorrow! It seems like only yesterday she would be dancing naked in front of a sofa stuffed with balloons with faces drawn on. Poor bean. Anyway, she's just moved into a new flat and she loves wood pigeons. (and pretending to know their weight) Happy Birthday Aine!

Here's a really old picture I drew about 2 years ago of my friend and very amazing photographer Annie and just got round to finishing it off on the train to manchester. Eating worms from the wholefoods salad counter.



lauren carney said...

miss katey j
do u realise how much i simply ADORE you? and your artworks? i have had your website saved for ages, and only realized then as i saw a beautiful picture of the 'dude what the hell are you doing---seriously" pic that i recalled that i'd seen the little ladies face on a blog icon somewhere, so rummaged through and found you, one of the most talented arty ladies EVER, have been following my blog since the beginning.

totally a flattering moment, because you are pretty darn awesome, and i totally <3 you.

keep up your awesome illos!

katey jean said...

Oh wow! I just spotted this comment. God, thank you so much. I adore your work.. I always love to read your blog. What a happy moment! Thank you so much for the message, really kind words. We should do some work together some time. It may be veeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy drawn out if we did it by snail mail though...

Thanks again!! x