Friday, 30 April 2010

Three Blind Mice

I just spied a mouse in my kitchen. It was a bit cute but mostly quite alarming. I bet it gets about shitting in my cous cous as soon as I hit the hay.

I have no wall on my bedroom. It's going to be drinking from my tear duct and sticking its weird little tail in my ear hole all night and I will have no idea.

I think I might be over thinking this.....

Please get out of my kitchen in case you end up on my bagel and then we'll both be sorry.

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zephyrsarah said...

this made me giggle, i found a sort of cute but strangely terrifying tiny mouse in my bathroom, on thursday!
had there not been a fella around to escort the thing into the back yard i think i may have just duct taped the bathroom door closed and left it there forever!