Friday, 26 March 2010

Nightmares and Rocking Chairs

Illustration by the amazing Gillian Smith

I almost spent £50 on a yellow wooden rocking chair yesterday. It was the happiest heap of crap I'd ever seen - rocking about on the pavement outside Mr Alsorts. I had a little go on it and started to freak out about whether wanting to spend £5o on a rocking chair meant I was getting old or that I'm in London to stay. Either way, my ceiling slopes so stupidly low I couldn't have even sat in it anyway. The thought did cross my mind to put it in the middle of the floor... but this would probably make me look mentally ill.

Hot Club used another one of my designs for Tshirts on their last tour. They were printed onto orange and black and apparently looked pretty ok! The design was based on sleeping, ghosts and enjoyable nightmares. They had all dissapeared by the end of their travels but I think they're printing some more... Check out their last EP "With Days Like This As Cheap As Chewing Gum, Why Would Anyone Want To Work?" because it's totally brilliant.

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