Monday, 13 April 2009


This is picture I made for my sister a few months back and revisited it the other day for something else. Me and my older sister have called each other 'Owl' since I was 7 and she was 8... due to a really cute face we would pull at one another in the last minute hope that the angry sister wouldn't punch the annoying sister in the head. I was usually the annoying sister. 15 years down the line, I'm still Owl, she's still Owl...she likes large wine glasses and has considerably larger breasts than I ever will.

I draw owls a lot.. I also draw a lot of woodpigeons which is my younger sisters bird. She sent me a text once really early in the morning which read something along the lines of "I have just seen a really fat woodpigeon and I really want to pick it up to see what it feels like". Being half asleep at the time I drifted off into a dream about me and my boyfriend being able to know the exact weight of woodpigeons when we picked them up. What a shit super power! Anyway, I have always loved that as they're her favourite bird. Sisters are totally amazing, I'm obsessed with mine.



Lucy Harvey said...

I spot a pair of wombles noses x

katey jean said...

I know, someone needs to get down to M&S for a fitting.