Friday, 6 February 2009

hard hearted honey pot...


England got sprinkled with snow this week, it was brill! Everyone stopped life for a couple of days and the newspapers all h
ad angry front pages with the word SNOW in the biggest letters they could find. Anyway, I built a dead shit snow man on the front drive so all the kids from the school down the road would think I was rad... I think my neighbours thought I was a total dick, scraping all the snow from the tops of their cars with my tongue stuck to the side of my face like 5 year old child.

There's a window display project in the pipe lines... Me and a couple of others are looking to make some big cardboard hangings in celebration of International Women's Day. We've been bashing heads for the past few days and messing around with old drawings. Here's a very rough experiment with some more simple shapes..

Back to work anyway! ... here's one of my favourite Bonnie Prince Billy songs, to watch the snow fall to.

Katey-Jean x


wirrow said...

i love ur wonderful drawings dude:)

Maike Hemmers said...

wow I really like you drawings.
They are so fine ant pretty. So soft.
Really wonderful :)

katey jean said...

Thank you both very much and thanks for stopping by x