Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Worlds Worst Blogger

Hello, hello, hello...

Happy New Year!

There's two things I totally blow at in this world, one is driving a car, the other is blogging. I haven't blogged in bloody ages and that is because I've been too busy having a little sulk that I'm no longer living in New York. Oh well, new year, new shit to have a sulk about!

So here's what I've been up to anyway.

I painted a little postcard for a school fundraising auction in California somewhere it looked a little something like this...

I made everyone a Christmas card which did not promote seasonal snogging, get that scraggy branch away from me!

I drew a picture of lots of buildings and a musical genius having a little read, I heart NY etc..

Here's two kids impaled on a tree and stuck in tiny houses, poor bastards don't seem to have noticed yet, maybe it's the shock and adrenaline

I painted a picture of a trick biker for a trick biker, this is how I imagine she arrives to work, always wearing splendid knickers.

I also got one of my drawings inserted into my arm forever more by the magical man Myles Karr at Saved Tattoo. He has a new website and luckily for us he's decided to post a new picture each day. His new drawings are out of this world

This week I have been working on a little embroidered patch for a quilt exhibition in April, it took ages, hurt my fingers but looks quite cute. I sent it off in a such a hurry I totally forgot to take a picture, what a whally. But I will get hold of an image of it soon, no doubt.

Talking of exhibitions, here's a clever photograph by Panos of the Friends Like These exhibition over in Brooklyn, which makes you feel like you were actually there.. You should have a gander at his work as he is brilliant and makes all sorts of wonderful sculptures, costumes and 2d artwork. He is also part of another exhibition along with the awesome Peri Lee Pipkin at the Video Gallery that's on at the moment, called Paws With Claws. So go check it out, I wish I could!

Rightio, I will keep this updated, it's on the resolution list!
Over and out,


POMME CHAN said...

Hey Katey, I really like you works. It's remind me of some illustration I saw in school book but your one are much better!
Btw, I hate updating blog too. Just couldn't find the time for it.
keep up good work :)

katey jean said...

Hey Pomme, thank you so much! I think I may have just about got the hang of this blogging business... Just! x