Monday, 20 October 2008

Oh Dear, Someone Forgot To Blog..

Shit! It's been a whole two months since my fingers danced about the keyboard for this thing. Bad blogger..

Anyway, lots to report. I've been in New York for over a month now and it's been, on a whole, pretty swell. By the time the 15th of September swung round, I had pretty much decided that going to New York for three months was the most ridiculously shit idea I'd ever come up with and that I was a total moron for ever thinking I was man enough to throw a load of party frocks in a case and just get off. But it was too late for backtracking, Rebecca was waiting in the departure lounge for me with a pair of brews and a pair of paws to push me onto the plane whether I liked it or not. I'm glad she was there.

Plane. So naturally I got the middle seat.. sandwiched next to this short, stumpy scouser, who stunk of gin and had drawn a ridiculous amount of attention to herself at customs as she had, tucked under her arm this 3ft, multicolour fibreglass 'sculpture', that essentially just looked like a whopping bong. Brilliant, of course she wanted to be my new bezzie for the entire 7 hour flight. She was totally bonkers but to her credit, she did make the time pass incredibly quickly as the lovely girl to my left and I became dead obsessed with asking her detailed questions about her travels and more importantly her technicolourbong. Needless to say, we legged it off the plane as American customs are stressful enough without a mental, pissed up leprechaun in tow. We stamped our fingers and breezed through, folded over laughing and went our separate ways.

Willy-b. So I stayed in Williamsburg for the first two weeks with a nice chap called Jon. Craigslist is always a gamble so the fact I didn't enter the flat to find a raging pervert dangling naked above my bed was pretty awesome. I liked this neighbourhood. The house across the road had a face made out of windows and doors and there were plenty of cats around for me to chase and hug. It was weird the first couple of weeks.. the moment you realise that a place is so insanely different when you live there, to when you holiday there. Anyway, in my first week I got the chance to take part in a group show over in Bushwick, Brooklyn. A wonderful bunch of people and a fantastic little gallery. I promise to post photos soon. It all happened so fast I didn't even get the chance to scan my paintings. So I'll do that when it all comes down. I also got the chance to see Martha Wainwright perform a set of Edith Piaf songs down by the river on my first night in town. It was a wonderful show, I really was blown away.

After two weeks, I moved over to Long Island City to stay with my friend Justin. We drink too much iced coffee and observe how boring each others lives are. It's boss.

Since then I've seen Damien Jurado do his beautiful thing, made some new friends, asked a famous tranny for directions, hung out with some old pals, saw two of them get wed, rocked a posh frock ... danced to 80's classics, fell back in love with love, ate awesome pizza, contemplated being a teenage mutant hero turtle, lolled at stand up comedy, missed people, racked up £50 phone bills, watched leaves turn gold and fall on the floor, picked them up, sucked at bowling, lost my nerve, got it back, ranted, raved, painted, lost my bank card, pulled faces, seen some great art.. but most importantly, figured that you don't have to go out of your way here to make every day a big memorable day. The entire place is rammed with novelty and 'experiences', the moment you give yourself a fucking break for having a couple of nights in and accept it'd be well more bonkers to stand in Times Square with a hot dawg every day, you kind of realise that you're doing it right and you're having a nice time.

I'm having a nice time.

So, I've been drawing quite a bit anyway. Mostly exercises to make me draw other things than pretty girls, it was getting a little ridiculous.

Here's an old dude and a dog licking its ass.
And here's a cute girl (shit) prodding a dead badger with a stick...Here's one of the paintings up in The Hideaway! Go see it in real life! (10 Goodwin place, off Broadway, Bushwick)

Here's a man with a haunted beard.
I promise to update this more regularly. I will post up pictures of the exhibition asap.

Katey x

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