Monday, 18 August 2008

A handful of points

I feel like a strange little cloud that's constantly floating over towns of mega excitement and villages of sheer terror.

I booked my flight to NYC the other day. When 'Chester' the fella in the holiday call centre double checked all the details with me and I confirmed with the smallest 'yes' it could have just been one of those weird involuntary squeaks your mouth lets off.. usually when the rooms dead silent. I think for the past few months I've just been dead excited, romanticising about three months of ramming pizza and pretzels into my pie hole no stop. But now the emails in my inbox telling me its real life, I'M SO SCARED.

Not to worry, I drew a picture about it anyway.....

My website is almost done and I'm so excited, it looks lovely. I'll post the address when we've stopped faffing with it. I've been painting lots and got to make quite a fun poster for Meshuggy the other day, I also got half way through a painting for a future bride and groom that have now decided not to be brides and grooms anymore, which was a shame.... for me .... and my painting.

In other news, I had a dream that I gave birth to three baby ducklings last night. Now wouldn't that have been a treat.

Over and out
Katey-Jean x

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Lucy Harvey said...

What like this: ? Makes a change from your rainbow family dreams. I love your blog, it's hilarious and it makes me wish i wasn't so serious on mine. Serious owl!